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under-21 car rental at Brazil, Brazil

Simply enter your age and use the search form above to compare prices for underage rental cars in Brazil, Brazil from the best rental companies for drivers under-21. Our service allows you to compare prices for different cars and choose the best option for young drivers.

The search will only show rental cars available for drivers under-21 years old.

Important information about car rental for drivers under-21 in Brazil, Brazil

Young drivers sometimes have to pay a little extra. Don't worry, our prices include young driver fees. The young driver fee will not be included in the price you pay online, however, it will be payable at the rental desk when you pick up your rental car.

Payment: Typically only credit cards are accepted. Debit cards are not accepted UNLESS explicitly stated in the 'Payment' section inside 'Important Information' which is available for each rental car on the search results page.

Cars available for rental in Brazil, Brazil
car rental guide in Brazil, Brazil

If the car doesn’t have some options that would be useful during your trip, you can add them while booking a car. Add equipment during the booking on our website to let prepare everything you need in advance.

Usually, you can additionally order the following:

Optional Extra Season Price
GPS navigation system ALL Pay at desk
additional driver ALL Pay at desk
booster seat ALL Pay at desk
child seat ALL Pay at desk
baby seat ALL Pay at desk
winter tyres WINTER Pay at desk
snow chains WINTER Pay at desk
ski rack WINTER Pay at desk

At the rental desk

Documents you need to show to car rental agent:

  • Your printed confirmation voucher
  • Drivers license (and international driving permit if your national license is not in Roman alphabet)
  • A credit card in the main driver's name with funds enough to cover the excess
  • Other documents indicated in the voucher in the section on required documents

CDW, TW, TP, Excess Fee
CDW Dollision Damage Waiver - this is the rental insurance, which is required in 90% of the cases of rental cars. Without this insurance, rental companies won’t give you a car. Therefore, this insurance is usually included in the price of the car rental and you can’t refuse it. This insurance protects you and the rented car from most damage in case of an accident.
TW Theft Protection - theft insurance. Also, it is required in most cases and its cost is included in the rental.
TP Third Party insurance of your liability to third parties.
Excess Fee is the amount of the deposit that will be blocked on your credit card in case of damage or car theft. If at the end of the rental nothing bad happens with the car, then the entire amount of the deposit will be returned to you on the credit card. On the other hand, whatever happens to the car, the amount of the deposit is the maximum amount you risk. This is very convenient and allows you not to worry about renting a car.

If you bought an excess insurance on our website you are now fully covered for any potential liability - do not buy any more insurance at the rental office. You may be offered such insurance. If you buy it from the rental company additionally, it will turn out that you paid for the insurance twice.

Car Rental Tips For You
  • Can I hire a car with a full to full fuel policy in Brazil?
    Yes. with you can find a car rental offer with a full to full fuel policy in Brazil. You can also filter the search results to show olny full to full car rental offers. Consider that while the basic cost of a full to full policy is less than that of a pre-purchase policy, sometimes the latter may be cheaper in the end. For example, if you are driving from Dublin Airport to Belfast– a three hour journey – then pre-purchasing a full tank of fuel might be the best option.
  • How can rentalcar-scanner help finsing the best car rental deal in Brazil?
    Travelling in a rental car is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience Brazil, using you can find exactly what you need at thes best prices, guaranteed. In order to allow you to make the best decision before you book, we enable you to compare car rental based on fuel policies, ratings, car size, luggage space and more.
  • Can I compare reviews of differnt car rental companies in Brazil?
    Yes. We have colected thousands of user-reviews and analyzed the data so that you can choose the best car rental company for you. You can filter based on time taken to pick up the car, cleanliness of the car, staff helpfulness and so on.